Efficiency increase in tool and mold making with Nakanishi Jaeger spindles

The demands on tool and mold making are constantly increasing. The required criteria with regards to quality, costs, and a short processing time are increasing persistently. The ongoing trend for miniaturization of workpieces is continuing and delicate ridges, beads, or small cavities must be produced even on large molds.

The workpieces are generally produced on state-of-the-art CNC machines, which have corresponding speeds and torques in order to be able to carry out roughing and finishing operations with larger tools. However, for small solid carbide milling tools, speeds (depending on the material and hardness) of up to 100,000 rpm and larger are required in order to be able to work efficiently. Accordingly, the machines quickly reach their limits when it comes to speed if small tools are used. In practice, the limit speeds of the machine are then used for processing.

However, the main spindle of the machine tool cannot reach the optimum cutting speed of small, modern high-performance cutting tools in general. Correspondingly, the feed values have to be reduced and the production costs increase, sometimes tremendously, depending on the complexity of the workpieces.

Nakanishi Jaeger provides a cheap and user-friendly solution for this with the new spindle generation designed explicitly for the needs of tool and mold making. Here a high-frequency spindle with a speed of up to 100,000 rpm is adapted to the interface of the main spindle. The main spindle of the machine tool is therefore at a standstill during milling operation and is preserved. The optimum cutting values and feeds can then be realized with this spindle and the production times can be reduced many times over, depending on the application. The spindles thus also have sufficient reserves for the hard processing of steel with small tools, as the spindles have a relatively high torque. The adapter spindles can also easily be used for the manufacture of copper and graphite electrodes, as all spindles are provided with purging air and it is thereby ensured that no dust or contamination can ingress at the bearing points of the spindles and cause premature wear. Nakanishi Jaeger has developed a holistic design for tool and mold making with the development of the new spindles. We would be happy to advise you on and calculate the spindle with the best fit for your application.


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