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The ideal solution for increasing productivity and automation for milling, engraving, drilling, and grinding.


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The demands on tool and mold making are constantly increasing. The required criteria with regards to quality, costs, and a short processing time are increasing persistently. The ongoing trend for miniaturization of workpieces is continuing and del...

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Find out more about our efficient high-frequency spindles, spindle drives, and motors to increase your productivity!

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We strive to bring you efficient high-frequency spindles, e-motors, and quality service while supporting you in increasing productivity and automation. Our constant R&D provides us with unique opportunities to ensure Nakanishi Jaeger quality.

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High-Frequency Spindles (HF Spindles) and Electric Motors

We are an experienced specialist and one of the quality leaders for high-frequency spindles and motor spindles as well as synchronous and asynchronous motors for the most varied areas of application. We have a wide range of standard spindles and high-performance motors for automation and increasing productivity. Moreover, we develop customized special solutions. As an experienced spindle manufacturer and partner for high-performance electric motors, we have worked closely together with machine builders for more than 50 years. Our spindle systems can be used universally and are suitable for interchangeable systems and multi-spindle operation in robotics, amongst other things.

Universell einsetzbare Schnellfrequenzspindel

Our Spindle Systems and Motors at a Glance

Learn more about our high-frequency spindles and milling spindles, our powerful spindles for a wide range of industries, such as the dental market, engraving technology, and much more, as well as our synchronous and asynchronous motors. 

High-frequency spindles

High-Frequency Spindles (HF)

Our HF spindles for high-speed cutting (HSC) make extremely high tool speeds as well as cutting and feed rates that are many times higher possible. 

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The motor spindle is used as a rotating spindle in lathes without rotating tools or if their speed is not sufficient.

Milling spindles

Milling Spindles

Our high-speed milling spindles provide top performance and are therefore ideal for difficult machining tasks in the HSC field. 

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High-speed milling spindles are mounted on a spindle holder or a spindle flange integrated in the housing. We also provide drilling spindles with high speeds as well as engraving spindles.

DentaDrive – spindles for dental technology

DentaDrive Spindles

DentaDrive spindles for wet and dry processing have been specially developed for particularly high requirements in dental technology.

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Due to the materials used, the rigidity of the spindles, and the protection against dirt, our DentaDrive spindles can be used for both dry and wet processing in dental technology.

Spindles & HF spindles

Spindles & HF spindles

Our precision spindles guarantee top precision and quality and ensure low-vibration operation and long tool lives on the machine tool.

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The precision spindles from the Z-Line and the Power-Line ranges have a concentricity of < 1µm measured at the tapered end of the shaft. 



Our powerful synchronous and asynchronous motors stand out with their particularly compact designs with a high performance. 

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Development, production, and assembly are carried out completely in house. The outputs of the motors are then determined and documented on our motor test bench. 

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